How Does WeMENA Help You Grow Your B2B Business?

There’s a strong possibility that the economy of tomorrow will look nothing like what we’re used to. With hundreds of thousands of businesses moving online, it’s merely a matter of time before digital platforms largely replace traditional brick and mortar establishments.

In 2019, global B2B ecommerce transactions totaled USD 12.2 trillion. While the ecommerce space has been growing steadily over the past couple of decades, one of the most significant trends in this space is the emergence of B2B marketplace platforms.

Global B2B procurement marketplace platforms are changing the way businesses interact with each other. These platforms are redefining business relationships between buyers and sellers and encouraging the growth of international business networks.

In the UAE, many entrepreneurs are starting their B2B business with WeMENA. A perfect B2B marketplace example, WeMENA is one of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s top B2B marketplaces, bringing buyers and sellers together, facilitating online transactions, supporting the fulfillment of buyers’ orders, and providing essential value-added services that make doing business easy and efficient.

Sell on WeMENA – Grow Your B2B Business Now

At WeMENA, Pro Sellers are provided a digital storefront, making the process of window shopping and market survey easy and straightforward for prospective buyers. If buyers like what they see, they can contact Pro Sellers directly via WhatsApp, email, or phone.

The platform further enhances user experiences through a range of features including priority listing, Pro Seller badges, and direct request of quotations (RFQ). These features perform key functions, like price discovery and credentialing, which are two facilities that allow businesses to mitigate risks and engage in larger volumes of transactions.

Credentialing is of the utmost importance in the wholesale B2B marketplace as buyers are making bulk purchases that can have huge implications on the success of their business. Those that want to start a B2B business or a B2B marketplace understand that businesses buying from them rely on the trustworthiness of sellers, and therefore, a platform that can provide assurances of the seller’s ability to deliver quality, timeliness, and authenticity goes a long way in facilitating purchases.

Businesses on the platform can also ensure they’re selling the right quantities of a product with WeMENA’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) function, whereby you can list products for a wholesale price with an MOQ set for that particular product.

Whilst each of these elements are individually important for any business looking to start a B2B business, when combined, the platform encourages purchasing from buyers by assuring them of the platform’s unmatched ease of use and transparency.

More orders with the right sales and marketing

In the digital age, the importance of marketing cannot be understated. Businesses need visibility in order to attract prospective customers and earn revenue. These days, businesses are exploiting the lucrative marketing opportunities presented by social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With 3.5 billion social media users, social media marketing is the most obvious marketing decision a business can make. In fact, did you know that 73% marketers believe social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business?

For businesses looking to start a B2B business, WeMENA offers premium sales and marketing efforts for Pro Sellers by combining the best of traditional and digital sales and marketing practices. Dedicated field sales and inhouse sales representatives are committed to building awareness of your products, developing interest in them and encouraging leads to act and purchase from you.

From a digital perspective, when a buyer makes a general enquiry regarding a product, a message is sent to every Pro Seller selling that particular product. Pro Sellers are also given dedicated banners on the WeMENA homepage. Similarly, marketing efforts extend across multiple channels, including Google ads, social media marketing, newsletters, push notifications and more, which can include discounts and special offers that might run at a particular time of year or for a specific product.

These methods all help bolster business visibility and growth by attracting business customers to the suppliers they seek.

Additional cost savings!

WeMENA also offers excellent customer service support, both before and after someone buys and uses your products, so that they can have an easy and enjoyable experience buying from your business. At the same time, we understand that operational costs can add up and by taking care of customer service, we help you keep those costs low.

To ensure we are the top B2B marketplace in the MENA region, we want to help businesses looking to start a B2B marketplace reduce their costs as much as possible, and one of the biggest cost reductions we offer is logistics. Yes, we take care of your logistics by streamlining bulk orders in an efficient manner, whilst catering to all of the other relevant needs of businesses in our marketplace. This way, sellers are able to focus on what really matters: selling.

Leave the rest to WeMENA!

Making payments has never been easier

Making a payment should be easy, especially when buyers are ready to click on the purchase button. WeMENA have ensured that making payments is a seamless process. Traditionally, online payments on B2B marketplace platforms are not as straightforward and simple as they may seem. For example, large transactions cannot rely solely on credit card payments. Many businesses in the region prefer to complete a transaction by paying cash on delivery. Therefore, at WeMENA, both options are available.

WeMENA is passionate about supporting businesses by helping them overcome the many barriers that are typically associated with wholesale procurement. With reduced risk and transaction costs, you can trust that we’re here to help you grow.

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