Overseas leads

Getting overseas leads can be one of the biggest dream come true for every business. WeMENA is here to make that dream a reality.

Overseas Leads

How do you get overseas leads?

Right after the inception of WeMENA in the year 2019, as much as buyers and sellers in the UAE welcomed WeMENA for being the first of its kind B2B marketplace, we also received wider recognition and acceptance from the overseas market. For an early startup receiving more than a third of its traffic from the overseas market and the traffic growing with time proved that we can close a huge gap in the supply and demand by connecting the local and international buyers and sellers.

Overseas leads

Top countries from which you will receive leads 

We have good news whether you are a seller in UAE interested to export your products abroad or you are an international seller looking to find buyers in the UAE. On average 31% of our leads come from outside UAE from countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Kingdom, United States, India, and Pakistan. If you are looking to export your goods to these countries WeMENA is the right place to start. 

And a whopping 69% comes from within the UAE. If you are an international seller looking to penetrate the UAE market what more can you ask for?

Why you must explore overseas leads with WeMENA?

  • Exporting your products gives you access to more consumers and businesses, and also expand your business to other markets.
  • If you think your domestic market is saturated, it's time you start thinking about overseas opportunities.
  • WeMENA allows businesses to connect with international buyers directly without being an intermediary in-between eating the profit.


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