Higher conversion rate

From a cold prospect to a lead to a closed sale - it is one of the most dreaded funnels for every business. Getting to the bottom with an impressive conversion rate does not come by easily. Yet, we make it a walk in the park for you with the latest technology. 

Higher Conversion Rate

How we help you close more deals?

We offer a unique feature known as lead prioritization on your WeMENA seller dashboard that allows you to focus more on the leads based on your preference.

You are required to set your preference on the location, industry, and category of products that you wish to receive leads on at the time of account creation. This allows us to display leads on your dashboard based on your preference allowing you to prioritize your leads in an efficient manner.

Access feature

Who can access this feature?

This feature is exclusive to WeMENA Pro Sellers. It is found that a typical website conversion rate is about 2.35% on average. With this feature in place, we aim to increase the conversions by 3 times for our Pro Sellers.

By focusing their time and resources on the leads that matter the most to them gives them a higher conversion rate compared to contacting all kinds of leads, ending up being demotivated and not being able to reach out to the entire list. 


Why is this feature crucial for your business?

  • Firstly, it can be challenging to implement this kind of lead prioritization flow for your business from scratch. One must do buyer scoring or create funnels and workflows for the sales team which can be time-consuming and constant maintenance for the team. This tailor-made solution is the best fit for your lead prioritization. 

  • Secondly, your sales reps are going to appreciate this tool more than anyone. It allows them to reach their targets earlier every month quite effortlessly.

  • Lastly, this is a great tool if you are looking to grow quickly with fewer resources and limited time constraints. Prioritizing leads is beneficial any day to stay ahead of the game.

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