Get buyer data instantly

In this data-driven world, getting your customer's details is not easy, especially when you have listed your products on a third-party marketplace. But we have an amazing solution for you.

Buyer Data

How can suppliers receive buyer data?

With over twenty thousands of buyers on the platform, WeMENA boasts of having a 20% traffic growth on a month to month basis.

As a seller, whenever a buyer submits an RFQ on your product, you will receive all the details of the buyer on your WeMENA dashboard almost instantly. You can contact the buyer directly and close the deal without any intermediaries being involved. 

Unlimited buyer data

How to get access to unlimited buyer data?

Once you become a WeMENA Pro Seller, you receive an unlimited number of RFQ's which means you can grow your buyer database 3 times faster than your own website.

Pro Sellers do not have a cap on the number of RFQ's they receive per month, while, a normal seller only receives 3 leads per month. 


Why this will help your business?

  • Firstly, getting hold of new customers is always not easy. Our ever-growing database of buyers across different industries gives you an opportunity to grow your database as well as widen your customer profile.

  • Secondly, one of the biggest advantages tied to getting the buyer's data is the ability to communicate with the buyer directly. The chance of closing a deal is higher when you have direct contact with the buyer rather than a middleman negotiating back and forth to close the deal.

  • Finally, no intermediaries or middlemen means increased profit. By becoming a WeMENA Pro Seller you can stop paying commissions forever that kill the profits.

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